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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

estetska stomatologija beograd

Aesthetic Dentistry: The Key to a Radiant Smile

Healthy, beautiful, and white teeth make every smile unique.

In aesthetic dentistry, various teeth whitening methods hold a special place. A radiant and captivating smile boosts confidence, exudes vitality, and spreads joy. Numerous lifestyle habits, such as consuming tea, red wine, coffee, or tobacco products, cause teeth to darken over time. To correct this aesthetic flaw, at Dr. Minić’s Dental Clinic, we use safe and effective teeth whitening methods.

Aesthetic Dentistry – Zoom Lamp Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a completely safe and painless procedure.

How is this method applied?

  1. First, modern technology is used to precisely determine the current shade of the teeth;
  2. Then, lips, cheeks, tongue, and gums are protected;
  3. Finally, a whitening gel is applied to the teeth, which is activated by the zoom lamp’s light.

The procedure lasts 15 minutes and is repeated three times, after which the teeth become two to four shades lighter. The result is dazzlingly white teeth in just one clinic visit.

Regular removal of dental plaque and tooth pigmentation is performed using a sandblasting method. Dark stains resulting from long-term consumption of colored drinks can now be removed. The process starts with an ultrasonic device, followed by sandblasting. The Air Flow device is used for this purpose. Under pressure, abrasive micro-particles are ejected, which, when combined with water, efficiently remove plaque from teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry – Whitening of Non-vital Teeth

Non-vital teeth are those from which the nerve has been removed from the root canal. Over time, such teeth change color, becoming darker than the surrounding vital (living) teeth.

To whiten a non-vital tooth, or to restore its original whiteness, a single visit to the dentist isn’t sufficient. The non-vital tooth whitening procedure lasts several days, and in most cases, it’s possible to restore the tooth’s natural color and shine.

estetska stomatologija beograd

Cerec AC Technology

With the application of the most modern high-tech solutions, now only one visit to the dentist is needed for new dental crowns! This new technology allows for the design and fabrication of crowns using a computer. Numerous patients are thrilled with this revolutionary and contemporary technology, which offers quick and precise dental crown fabrication.

The Cerec AC system enables the reconstruction of a damaged tooth in just one visit to the dental clinic.

Creating a Dental Crown with Cerec AC Technology

The tooth that needs treatment must first be ground down. After grinding and preparing the tooth for treatment, a reflecting powder is sprinkled over it.

A special camera captures an accurate image of the tooth. This is then displayed on the computer screen, enabling the design and restoration of the damaged tooth. Based on the design of the tooth that needs restoration, Cerec AC technology precisely carves the new tooth. To create the tooth replacement, special ceramic blocks are used, and the tooth is carved from one piece. The crown is then painted and glazed in a special oven before being affixed to the ground tooth.

This revolutionary and modern technology simplifies and speeds up the crown fabrication process, making the dentist visit more pleasant.