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Implantologija beograd ordinacija


Implantology is the youngest branch of dentistry. Moreover, it stands as proof that everything is now possible in medicine. Whether you’re missing one, two, or even all of your teeth in the jaw, it is now possible to make up for these deficiencies.

An implant (also known as a screw) serves as an artificial replacement for the tooth root and is placed into the alveolar bone. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.

Implantology – What are dental implants?

A natural tooth consists of the crown (the visible part above the gum) and the root (the part beneath the gum, embedded in the jawbone). In cases where a patient is missing one or more teeth, the dentist creates a replacement to substitute the missing teeth. Dental implants are designed for this very purpose.

Implantology is a branch of dentistry that introduced implants. These are “screws” or cylinders, made of titanium. They are embedded in the jawbone where the tooth is missing and act as a replacement for the tooth root. A surgical procedure is preceded by a 3D analysis of the teeth and jaw.

After a period of osseointegration, which lasts between two and four months, a superstructure is placed onto the titanium cylinder. An artificial tooth is then placed onto this future crown support. In this way, the dental implant completely replaces the missing tooth.

Dental implants are fully biocompatible with surrounding tissues, eliminating adverse reactions and potential rejection of the implant by the body. The implant placement procedure is a completely safe and painless intervention for the patient, lasting about thirty minutes.

In the long run, the placement of implants stabilizes the jawbone and prevents the loss of bone mass. It also avoids damaging neighboring teeth. Not only do they physically replace lost teeth, but implants also assist in maintaining the shape and density of the jawbone. Similarly, they indirectly support the soft tissues of the lips and cheeks.

Dental implants facilitate both functional and aesthetic rehabilitation. Along with absolute functionality, they bring physical, psychological, and social well-being.

Implantologija beograd ordinacija

What are mini-implants?

Mini-implants most effectively address the issues faced by patients wearing complete dental prostheses who are not candidates for standard implants. The most common obstacle is the width of the bone. In such cases, a deficit in the jawbone prevents proper stabilization and retention of the prosthesis. Using mini-implants, prostheses are better stabilized, and chewing efficiency is also enhanced. Total dentures stabilized by mini-implants restore essential confidence to patients, especially during chewing or speaking.

The placement of mini-implants at Dr. Minić’s Dental Clinic is a painless and safe procedure performed under local anesthesia. Mini-implants can be installed into the jawbone without a surgical incision through the mucosa. Post-operative recovery is quick and without accompanying discomfort. Unlike standard implants, mini-implants allow for immediate loading.