Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile is a dental procedure that entails a complete reconstruction of the upper and lower jaws to achieve a perfect smile and a natural appearance of the teeth.

Hollywood Smile can be attained through two methods:

  • Veneers/facets – involving minimal tooth preparation
  • Non-metal crowns and bridges – requiring tooth grinding (implant installation may also be performed, if needed).

Hollywood Smile

in three steps

The Hollywood treatment is not a standardized fixed procedure; it varies from patient to patient, depending on the condition of the teeth and the patient’s needs. The procedure comprises three steps, with the first step being common for all patients:


The main purpose of the consultation is to thoroughly assess the condition of your teeth. To achieve this, we will take X-rays of both your upper and lower arches. Following that, we will conduct an analysis of your oral health and discuss any dental or other health concerns you may have, along with the objectives you aim to accomplish.

Facets/ Veneers

Teeth preparation

Minimal tooth preparation (grinding). Scanning of the teeth, possibly taking impressions for temporary crowns (if necessary).

Veneer creation and placement

Designing and crafting veneers (shells or facets), followed by cementation and adjusting the occlusion (bite).

Crowns and implants

Teeth preparation

Crowns are placed on healthy, prepared teeth as covers. In areas where one or two teeth are missing, a bridge can be installed, and if multiple teeth are missing, implants must be placed.

Creation and placement of crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are crafted at Dr. Minić Dental Office using the CEREC machine, which, based on a 3D model obtained through teeth scanning and 3D modeling of the missing ones, cuts them from special ceramic blocks.

Hollywood Smile with

Facets/ Veneers

Veneers are thin shells made of the finest ceramics. They are affixed to the front teeth using special composite cements. The front surface of the teeth must be adequately prepared and polished beforehand.

A Hollywood smile can be attained by applying veneers in cases where the patient’s teeth are generally healthy, even if they are chipped, contain fillings, or have become discolored. The prerequisite is that all teeth in the jaw are present from molar to molar and are properly arranged in a row. If they are not adequately aligned, it is recommended to wear Invisalign or fixed braces before making veneers.

Veneers ensure a lasting brightness of the smile because the ceramic material they are made of allows for the selection of the lightest shades and high transparency, similar to natural teeth. Before the actual placement of veneers, a so-called mock-up model can be created. The goal is to visualize the final result and make any necessary corrections.

Hollywood Smile with

Crowns and bridges

We opt for this technique when the patient has at least half of their healthy teeth, and the remaining ones have a healthy root and sufficient substance to support crowns. In cases where one or two teeth are missing, bridges can be placed, and if there is a greater number of missing teeth, implants must be installed, serving as preparation for subsequent prosthetic work.

Gum health

To qualify for a Hollywood smile, maintaining healthy gums is an absolute imperative as it significantly affects the final appearance of the smile.

Gums must be healthy, so routine procedures like tartar removal and teeth polishing are performed, and in cases of gingivitis (gum inflammation), pocket treatment or so-called causal therapy must be carried out.

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Questions & Answers

What is the durability of a “Hollywood smile”?

A Hollywood smile, with good oral hygiene and regular check-ups, should last up to 20 years.

Just like with healthy, natural teeth, consuming exceptionally hard foods can potentially damage the Hollywood smile restoration (e.g. popcorn, caramel candies, etc..). Furthermore, teeth clenching (bruxism) may result in crown or veneer fractures so it’s essential for patients to wear bruxism night guards during sleep.

In cases where teeth are poorly aligned, it is necessary to correct their alignment by wearing Invisalign or traditional fixed braces before placing veneers, so that the veneers can be positioned ideally for the Hollywood smile.

A mock-up provides patients seeking to enhance their smile with fixed restorations (ceramic crowns) with a visual representation of the anticipated outcome (in the mouth or on a model), without the need for any teeth reshaping. The wax-up is crafted on a model obtained from an impression of the patient’s current dental condition, then transferred into the patient’s mouth. In contrast, the mock-up is directly modeled in the mouth. We then discuss with the patient, who provides suggestions on the size and shape of the future restorations, and ultimately we reach an agreement on the final work. Only after harmonizing the patient’s desires with prosthetic principles do we proceed to teeth grinding.

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