Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic Therapy

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic Therapy are designed for patients experiencing issues with dental caries and the dental pulp. They also encompass the treatment of tooth root canals.

Conservative dentistry and endodontic treatment once were extremely painful and unpleasant experiences. However, by using the services of professional dentists, the procedures can now be pain-free. Dr. Minić’s Dental Clinic has been successfully treating these and many other dental conditions for many years.

Conservative Dentistry

Conservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the preservation of teeth. It encompasses the practice of operative dentistry and endodontics. Furthermore, it includes various types of direct and indirect tooth restorations.

The role of conservative dentistry is the early detection of caries, allowing for the arrest of its further progression with minimal tooth loss. Additionally, with timely detection, it’s possible to replace the lost part of the tooth and maintain its function.

Our clinic is equipped with top-quality composites, available in various colors and shades, boasting excellent mechanical and aesthetic qualities. After treatment, the tooth looks entirely natural, achieved through the proper molding of the composite (white) filling.

Endodontic Therapy

Endodontic therapy involves the treatment of the tooth’s root canal. Such therapy is essential for removing the causes of the disease. The primary objective is to preserve the tooth and its function.

Decades ago, the treatment of the tooth’s root canal was often very painful. Over time, the use of local anesthetics has significantly advanced. Today, our patients describe root canal treatment as an experience similar to having a tooth filled.

Dr. Minić’s Dental Clinic is equipped with the latest digital devices for machine canal treatment and an apex locator for precise identification of the root’s tip. With this equipment, the maximum therapeutic effect is achieved.

After definitive filling, a radiological check is carried out, aiming to achieve the best treatment results and verify efficiency.

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