Iconix® braces

These are specially designed brackets that combine the best of both traditional and aesthetic types. They are crafted from metal, but adorned with a golden coating. Thanks to this combination, instead of the cold and unappealing metal shade, these brackets boast a sophisticated champagne hue, ensuring impeccable aesthetics while wearing them.

The special construction and smaller dimensions allow for easier placement and removal, better adherence, and greater predictability of teeth movement.

All Iconix brackets incorporate patented technology for diagonal torque and angulation, distinguishing them from other metal brackets. This ensures to achieve ideal treatment outcomes with minimal bracket adjustments or wire bending.

Advantages of

Iconix® technology

Exceptional Aesthetics

Iconix® brackets seamlessly blend with your teeth, delivering a natural smile.


Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the brackets guarantee longevity throughout your entire treatment.


Diagonal torque and angulation in the LP Low Profile and Mini Master series ensure you experience less discomfort during placement.

Time-Tested Design

Iconix® aesthetic brackets are manufactured by American Orthodontics, a trusted name in orthodontic care.


Your orthodontist can tailor Iconix® aesthetic brackets to match your unique needs, ensuring the most favorable outcome.

Four steps for

Correcting teeth with Iconix® aligners

Initial examination and consultation with the patient

After conducting diagnostic examinations, the orthodontist recommends the appropriate type of braces and outlines the treatment plan to the patient.

Placement of the appliance (braces)

This is the step when the braces (appliances) are installed. After the placement of brackets and archwires, the patient will have the freedom to choose colored elastics.

Periodic check-ups and adjustments of the appliance

This step consists of routine check-ups usually every 4-6 weeks, allowing your orthodontist to monitor progress and make adjustments. The braces are adjusted, colored ligatures (elastics) are changed, and progress is recorded. When everything is as planned, the braces are removed, and the teeth are polished.


After completing orthodontic therapy, the retention phase follows, which is equally important as wearing braces (appliances). A retainer for teeth is created based on the impression of the patient’s teeth. There are several types of retainers: fixed (attached to the teeth), in the form of a removable plate appliance, or as an aligner (clear tray). The function of the retainer is to maintain the teeth in the corrected position.

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Questions and Answers

What exactly are Iconix® braces?

Iconix® braces represent a sophisticated and innovative form of orthodontic braces. They combine the durability of traditional metal braces with a more aesthetically pleasing champagne-colored look. These American braces offer an appealing alternative to conventional braces, seamlessly blending with the natural color of your teeth.

Iconix® braces come with numerous advantages. Firstly, they are visually appealing. The champagne-colored brackets are less conspicuous than those of traditional metal braces, making them an attractive option for those who care about their appearance.

Additionally, Iconix® braces are highly effective. They provide the same level of teeth movement efficiency as traditional metal braces. This means you don’t have to compromise on functionality for aesthetics. With their robust metal brackets, there is a lower risk of breakage and unnecessary teeth shifting.

While traditional braces are undoubtedly effective, their metallic appearance can be quite noticeable. On the other hand, Iconix braces seamlessly blend with the natural color of your teeth, making them much less conspicuous. Iconix braces are equally durable and effective as traditional braces, providing an ideal fusion of beauty and functionality.

The costs may vary depending on individual circumstances, such as the complexity of your case and the duration of required treatment. Iconix braces provide a high-quality solution at a reasonable price. For an accurate quote, it is advisable to schedule a consultation at Dr. Minić Dental Office.

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene with Iconix braces. Brushing teeth twice a day, daily flossing, and regular check-ups with the orthodontist are crucial. However, the robust champagne-colored coating on Iconix braces is stain-resistant, making them relatively easy to maintain compared to other aesthetic options.