Surgery prices

Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry that deals with the application of surgical methods to treat hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. These procedures are mostly done under local anesthesia and are painless.

  • Tooth extraction 25 EUR
  • Surgical extraction 100 EUR
  • Implant placement ... EUR
  • Sinus lift 600-800 EUR
  • Bone augmentation 400-600 EUR

Terms of payment

Phase I: Deposit in the value of 500 eur* after receiving the appointment for the start of the intervention.

Phase II: 40% of the total amount on the day of implants placement.

Phase III: The rest of the total amount after receiving the definitive work. At least three months after the first phase.

The warranty on crowns is 5 years.
The warranty on implants is lifetime.

* Prices are expressed in euros. Payment is made in Serbian dinars.

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